Delve into heartwarming testimonials from pet owners who’ve been thrilled by the exceptional care their furry companions experienced at Clip’n’Chip.

Our collection of testimonials showcases the genuine experiences and satisfaction of our cherished clients, highlighting the dedication and expertise our team pours into every grooming and pet care session.

Discover firsthand accounts of joy, trust, and the bond between pets and our caring staff, providing you with an insight into the quality and love we offer at Clip’n’Chip.

My two dogs have been groomed at Clip’n’chip since they were puppies (they are now 8 and 9 years old) I have always been very happy with the results and the treatment they received. I would recommend this groomers to anybody.


We take our 2dogs to clip and chip and my son’s .Always so pleased with how they look when they come out and  they don’t mind going anymore .Staff all so friendly .  One of ours has been going  for about 12years he’s nearly 15  the other one since we had  him at 4months he’s now nearly 8 and lastly my son’s dog is 11 and been going for approx 8 years.


My 10 year old miniature schnauzer, Lucy, has always been to Clip ‘n Chip since a pup.  She is always extremely well cared for by Jacqui and her knowledgeable team.  I would not take her anywhere else for grooming


Jacqui and her Team have looked after my Maltese all his life, he enjoys going for his grooming sessions and always comes out looking pristine
He is in experienced and knowledgeable hands and his individual needs are looked after very well


I can not recommend Jacqui and the team enough.  They are professional, friendly, caring and always willing to offer helpful advice and tips which they’ve obviously gained through years of experience.

My cocker Spaniel Murphy always comes out looking handsome, happy and smelling amazing!

Lisa K

We have been taking our Miniature Yorkie Tia to Clip ‘n’ Chip Dog Grooming for many years and, more recently, our Sprocker Spaniel Gracie. We have always been delighted with their grooms and the service they provide. The whole team are so helpful and knowledgeable and you can tell that they care so much about each and every dog.  Our two girls always come home looking beautiful.


Henry and Digby, my two working cocker spaniels have been going to Clip n Chip since they were puppies.  They are now 13, going on 14.  At Clip n Chip they are a very friendly and experienced team who really care for their charges and are always ready to share their knowledge.  They have shown their versatility and imagination in styling Henry’s ‘Mohican’ which has always been much admired.