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What Do We Offer

Our services are fully insured and we carry out a Health Assessment check with the animals and the owners before any work is done. This is of paramount importance to us.

You may ask yourself – Is this a Profession that requires a qualification.

Under current legislation, groomers do not have to be qualified; qualifications do not necessarily make someone a better groomer. Our policy is that your most treasured possession in your household should not only be with a groomer that knows what they're doing but that they would also know what to do in a difficult situation. The owner must also feel happy knowing that their animal is with someone he/she trusts and for them to leave their animal with someone they trust.

We like to pride ourselves that people feel comfortable not only with our services, but with our attitude too.

We are not robots. We are all dog lovers and owners ourselves and would like to feel that we have an understanding for their feelings and mutual trust.

A clean dog after all is a happy dog. They act happier and more bright and alert. A really good groomer ensures that your dog has a really nice day at the salon just like when you yourself visit the hairdressers. It must not be a stressful experience or an uncomfortable situation where you or your animal dreads going.

After all, not only are you paying for this service, but you expect your animal to know and trust the groomer and appreciate this pampering experience by having a one to one groomer lavishing quality time on them.

In time if an owner uses the same groomer, so much the better for the dog who develops a bond with his/her own personal hairdresser.

When the pet owner arrives to pick up a dog, it's always very exciting and rewarding, not only for the owner, but for the groomer as well.

We like to pride ourselves on this experience that owners, who leave their cherished animals in OUR hands, have made the right decision.