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A complete nose to tail grooming session includes:

  • Health assessment with dog and owner
  • Coat and skin assessment
  • Grooming out
  • Bathing with specially formulated shampoo to suit your dog
  • Anal gland check (owner will be advised)
  • Coat conditioning
  • Hand dry ( no cages or drying cabinets are used)
  • Clipping, Scissoring and styling
  • Eye cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear plucking
  • A spritz of coat conditioning spray with evening primrose

Please note anal glands will be charged extra to the groom £10.

Please be advised that Anal glands will be checked on every groom and expressed if it is necessary to ensure your dogs comfort and good health. However it will be charged as an additional fee on top of the groom so please advise if this service is not required.

(NB Anal glands if full for your dog is very uncomfortable and can be the cause of them biting or scratching themselves causing sores or matted hair or chasing their tails round and round or finally bottom rubbing on the floor.) Please advise if your dog shows any signs of these When leaving your dog for a groom.

Short Hair Breeds

e.g Chihuahua, Pug from £25.00

Miniature Breeds

e.g Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian from £30.00

Small Breeds

e.g Cairn, Westie, Schnauzer from £40.00

Medium Breeds

e.g Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Bedlington Terrier, Cockerpoo from £42.00

Large Breeds

e.g German Shepherds/Burmese from £50

Cross Breeds

with Poodle/Bichon mixes are usually £45 but depending on size and cost quality

Hand Stripping

Only suitable for certain breeds, which ideally have never been clipped before, and have not been stripped for 6 months prior to stripping providing the coat is ready (if you are unsure please bring your dog in and let us assess the coat) from £40.00

to include 2nd appointment not charged for bathing and tidy up.

Please Note: prices are a GUIDE price and will vary depending on the condition of your pets coat, which will affect the duration of the groom.